My name is JAGADEESH NARAYANAN, I did my KGCE Fine Arts from Shilppachithra college of Fine arts Pattambi, Kerala. My Art Guru is Shri Milind Mulick from Pune, Maharashtra. I did diploma in Art from Shilpachithra college of Fine Art, Pattambi, Kerala.

As an artist I like to paint landscapes, portraits and fantasy paintings in watercolor and acrylics. The movement of surrealism in art and Salvador Dali’s vibrant imagination and antics has had a deep impression on me. The canvas and the colors are things that I hold really close to my soul. Art is the serenity that I ever desired in my life.

I did my Diploma in Graphic Designing and 10+ Years experience in  Web Designing and I have worked in the fields of textile designing, logo, graphic designing and web designing.

In my artistic journey Milind Mulick sir has had a lot of influence on me. From college days I used to follow his style. His usage of fresh vibrant colors and composition has had a deep impact on me. Fifteen years after I graduated from college I was able to meet him personally and spend one month training with him. After that my approach to watercolors and my attitude to art changed completely. One main things I learnt from him was how an artist must truly be. A sentence that he had spoken particularly inspired me ‘Don’t be afraid to face anything, as our journey is long and we have still a lot to travel’. Before meeting him, while painting I feared I would make mistakes but after meeting him I began to paint without fear. I learnt from him that I should first paint for myself and please the artist within me. Because if we are sincere in our work appreciation will always come our way.


An Exhibition at Gandhi Art Gallery, Delhi – 2016

An Exhibition at Ludhiyana – 2017

Soulight – A Group Show at Karnataka Chithrakala parishath, Bangalore. December – 6 to 12 – 2017. This was my First show at Bangalore.

Impulse- A Group Show at Karnataka Chithrakala parishath, Bangalore. April- 16 to 19 – 2018. This was my Second show at Bangalore.

Transformation (രൂപാന്തരം)- A Solo Show at Kerala Lalithakala Academy, Calicut, Kerala. December- 11 to 16 – 2018. This was my First show at Kerala.

10 x 10 x 10 – A Group Show at Indriyam Gallery, Cochin, Kerala. January- 1 to 10 – 2019.  This was my second show at Kerala